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What organizations can do for cybersecurity

An overwhelming number CEOs, believe it is probable that their company will experience a significant cybersecurity incident in the next two years. Yet a minority feels prepared and capable to respond to these threats. The most prepared and capable CEOs, “Cyber Secure” leaders have incorporated collaboration into a cybersecurity program and elevated cybersecurity to a regular agenda item at the Board level.

- Understand the risk: Evaluate your ecosystem, conduct security assessments, educate and train employees and incorporate security into the enterprise plan.

- Collaborate, educate and empower: Establish security governance, empower the CISO, elevate and discuss cybersecurity at execurive meetings, include the Board in developing and adjusting the incident response plan.

- Manage risk with vigilance and speed: share and utilize threat intelligence, understand where the organization’s digital assets reside and develop and enforce cybersecurity policy.

Corporate business ID email scam costs companies billions

A niche market for organised crime, the sending of correspondent payment instructions to Treasury departments of Federal Reserve and Central Banks,  evolved into a slick  corporate business ID theft.

A scam in which criminals impersonate chief executives, by spoofing their email addresses, has cost businesses around the world billions.

To tackle these incidents, we’re working with criminal investigation and cyber crime experts in the Ultrascan research network.

Cybercrime as Source of Funding Terrorism

Technical Cyber Attack Skills of ISIS, al Shabaab and Boko Haram are, except for excellent Photoshop skills Very Poor - Syncing strategies and propaganda with ISIS is still a bridge too far - Hacking as source of funding terrorism - Response to the success of the ISIS strategy - Al Qaeda technical cyber attack skills and top notch capabilities - ISIS never targeted US and European sources through cyber attacks - Petty attempts collecting BitCoins - The enemy of my enemy - Over-rated capabilities - Under-rated threat

inside Hezbollah Counterfeit Pharma Terror Business

Anti-Counterfeit Investigations targeted the illegal on-line sale of health care and beauty products advertised with Romanian spam and sold to the public by illegal Russian Internet Pharmacies.

The international business infrastructure 'unwittingly' facilitates transnational crime and terrorist operations

419 Advance Fee Fraud

Highest Losses - Over 82 billion US$ to date, 12.7 billion in 2013

Highest Number of Organized Perpetrators - Over 800,000 globally. Growing 5% per annum, faster than ever! -

Smart People Easier To Scam - High-achieving professionals are the most likely to be defrauded

Money For Free Is Big Business - The World’s Most Successful Scam - Highest Number of Victims - Millions of people have incurred a loss to 419 Advance Fee Fraud

Rizomatic dynamics - The roots of E- Cyber Crime networks

From Foreign Exchange Student To Cyber-Crime Millionaire

"There's plenty for everyone"

Business case scenario of Cyber-criminals recorded by associates of Ultrascan-AGI.

Synergy Financial Crime and Ideology

The Cyber Crime 419 Advance Fee Fraud is shifting from a criminal inspired activity into an ideology driven terror funding mechanism for African based terror organizations and their affiliates in Europe.

Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud (e.g. Romance scams, sextortion) a Low Probability of Detection crime, is the primary funding for most of the African based terror groups in Somalia, Nigeria, central Africa and East African communities.

Although it is difficult to estimate the magnitude of Nigerian advanced fee fraud, it is a fact that it can easily be compared with a GDP of a medium sized country.

Ultrascan Market Research for ATM Skimming Devices

While researching the stolen card trade on the ten most important underground  markets, where tens of millions of cards are traded, we saw an increase in offered cards of 900% in the second  half of 2008

Synergy between Crime and Ideology in the Diaspora

The Cyber Crime 419 Advance Fee Fraud (e.g. Romance scams, Sextortion and Hajj Fraud) a Low Probability of Detection crime, is the primary funding for most of the African based terror groups in Somalia, Nigeria, central Africa and East African communities

Ultrascan‐KPO case: Correspondent Bank to Bank ID Theft

Impersonating authorized bank officers of treasury departments, to send payment orders to (Central and National Reserve) correspondent banks, is a returning problem

Between October 2010 and December 2012 Ultrascan-KPO investigated fraudulent payment orders to treasury departments of 26 correspondent banks on 4 continents, of which 21 National Reserve banks.

Amounts varied between $98,000.00 and $530,000.00 .....