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Business Intelligence

Integrity Due Diligence IDD reports

The IDD reports included the following key elements:

  • Executive Summary (including recommendations and conclusion)

  • Individual Shareholder business and personal profiles

  • Individual overviews including political, business and personal interests

  • Cultural profiles

  • Threats (including crime, socio-economic, religious tension)

  • Politics

  • Marketplace assessment

  • Personal Observations

AML Ultimate Beneficiaries with Criss-Cross Banking Research

Ultrascan Anti Money Laundering (AML) Intelligence report CRISS-CROSS 8 is integrated in the Intelligence research CRISS-CROSS 1-11.

The name CRISS-CROSS is derived from the money laundering technique that transfers from A, B to B, C, D, E criss-crossing accounts, companies and countries so every single transfer seems to be normal, but in fact the ultimate beneficiaries are the same.

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