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Knowledge itself is power

Financial Intelligence Unit - FIU - A mixture of intelligence gathering, investigations and reputational risk mitigation in line of business needs and objectives.


liaison capability, focused on external information collection and stakeholder engagement, which enables us to detect and reduce exposure to financial crime risk.

  • Working closely with the FIU and Liaison to:

  • Develop and implement a strategy that will deliver improved collaboration with, law enforcement, government and other externals, according to collection priorities.

  • Lead a small team of regional experts able to drive information collection from a wide network of contacts.

  • Drive external relationships to deliver the best possible intelligence collection.

  • Maintain contact with external commercial intelligence providers.

  • Work with FIU analysts and facilitate their access to external information, manage external expectations and demands.

  • Working in collaboration with FIU and other Government Relations is conducted in compliance with clients policies.

  • managing stakeholder relationships, particularly the identification to FIU of new financial crime risks and reporting gaps and requirements.


Drive the regional development through the provision of clear strategies

  • Provide detailed risk input on emerging financial crime trends to aid decisioning, and prioritisation of client, as well as the development of new rules within associated FIU systems.

  • identify emerging financial crime risks, and maximize impact for reporting.

  • Develop contacts to deliver improved intelligence of key risks.

Identify process and product improvements to meet needs of stakeholders.


relationships with senior staff on client-related matters in:

  • Financial Crime Compliance

  • Security and Fraud Risk

  • Regional Banking and Markets

  • Private banking

  • Retail Banking and Wealth Management

  • Commercial Banking

  • Other FIU teams

  • Transaction Monitoring teams

  • Build a collaborative working relationship with Government teams.

  • Coordinate requests from regional businesses, compliance, and FIU for information from external contacts.

  • Work closely with relevant business and risk areas to meet customer needs.


Recruit small, expert regional liaison teams  that will provide consistent and insightful financial crime related intelligence.

  • Drive development of liaison processes, strategy and standards regionally.

  • Work seamlessly with FIU analysts, provide to them an outstanding collection service, and manage external demands.

  • Develop regional proactive plans and frameworks in line with the global strategy.

Operational Effectiveness & Control

Identify and recommend best practices identified within the wider liaison peer group

  • Continually review products. Find solutions to complex client requests and commissions outside of normal scope

  • Procedures and policies to ensure risks are identified and managed.


The unit is subject to sensitive, and therefore risky, information, exercises sound judgement in protecting it and adheres to all relevant rules and regulations.

Exercising considerable autonomy in dealing with live major issues for which there is often no clear cut solution.

Able to identify the crux of the matter where conflicting evidence can mislead decision makers. To provide sound judgement and guidance in such unclear circumstances.

Alert in matters of profound reputational risk. Close routine liaison with bank compliance staff, regional business leaders and with Governmental and non-Governmental agencies.

Management of Risk

Risk management and strong leadership by continually reassessing the operational risks.

  • Take into account the changing economic, legal, technological and regulatory environments and adhere to procedures and practices.

  • Supporting the implementation of new systems globally during a time of heightened scrutiny needs reacting to changes in the operating environment and ensure that applicable changes are made to the system and processes.

  • Responsible for providing sound judgement and advice to senior management on security and reputational risks associated with doing business.

  • Providing reporting which highlights (and might mitigate) reputational, fraud and compliance risks

Observation of Controls

Keep appropriate records and, as necessary, ensure the timely implementation of internal and external audit points, including issues raised by regulators.

Implement compliance policy, by containing compliance risk. The term ‘compliance’ embraces all relevant financial services laws, rules and codes with which the business has to comply.

This will be achieved by liaising about new business initiatives at the earliest opportunity.

By ensuring adequate resources are in place, training is provided, fostering a compliance culture and optimising relations with regulators